Box of 10 Hass Avocados - Kaimai Block

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Box of 10 Hass Avocados - Kaimai Block
Box of 10 Hass Avocados - Kaimai Block Box of 10 Hass Avocados - Kaimai Block

10 freshly handpicked AvoBox avocados

Origin; The Knyvett Family Katikati, Bay of Plenty.

Block ; Kaimai Block

Soil; Deep dark and trace element rich, combining years of Waihi and Gisborne ash showers. These Avos are Large in size and premium quality

Position: Grown on a Warm North Facing slope in our front yard, these Hass avocados exert a creamy almost butter like flavour. Great on their own, on toast or add them to a salad.


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Fresh from the tree at our family orchard and delivered straight to your door. Our Box of 10 is a great option for your weekly avocado supply. Keep some in the fridge and some in a cool dark spot and they'll ripen at different times to last you through the week.

Most avocados have been in storage sheds, on trucks, packed, repacked, back on trucks, distributed and packed again. With our avos there’s just the grower - no outside logistics, packers, wholesalers, retailers or distributors; just the value that you’ve paid for, delivered straight to you in your AvoBox.

Our "no bruise' guarantee:
Less handling and transport has got to be good for your avos. In fact, in the very unlikely event an AvoBox avo arrives bruised, we’ll send you an extra one in your next order. Simple as that.


Our orchard is family owned and operated in beautiful Katikati, Bay of Plenty and we are mighty proud of the avos we grow. We are lovers of the land and passionate about growing fruit that is sustainably produced. We work to minimise sprays and waste wherever possible.

Just like you, we love avocados! They’re an amazing superfood, jampacked with fibre, antioxidants and B vitamins that are good for you and your family.
We hope you enjoy your avos!