Avobox Update - 13 February 2020 - We grow our own Avocados

Avobox Update - 13 February 2020 - We grow our own Avocados

The rumors are true, we have been online now for almost 2 Months. We would like to thank our valued customers and also continue to welcome new faces to the grower direct Avobox website.  And yes that's right we do actually grow the fruit that we sell! Seems bizarre to have to say that. Its certainly not the norm, but we are here to change that. 

We have had some interesting days as the volumes of orders flooded in over the past month, and we can say in certainty that we will be making improvements as we roll in to the third month. 

We are loving the feedback about the taste and size of the avocados arriving at your doorsteps. We also appreciate constructive feedback towards the product, packaging, transport or anything else that we can improve for you. 

We are here to provide kiwis with an authentic grower direct avocado straight from Katikati, New Zealand and would love it if you can help spread the word. We may not have the marketing dollar of the distributors and wholesalers, but we have good old kiwi word of mouth, you also obviously have that thing called the inter-web so get out there post it, share it, chat about it whatever you feel.

Lets get the gauc party started